… is a set of Cosmos ecosystem validator nodes offering safe and trusted staking services with minimal commission rates.

Blockchains secured:

Crypto.org Chain (the “OG”)

Cronos (proof-of-authority)


Cosmos Hub (IcyCRO.org)

Juno (IcyCRO.org)

Osmosis (IcyCRO.org)

Celestia (inactive)

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🧊 IcyCRO.org

🚦 IBC / Relayers

📊 Grafana

✨ Why

… stake with the Pool?

✅ Globally redundant, hybrid cloud infrastructure

✅ Enterprise-grade monitoring & failover

✅ Automatic compounding supported with Restake.app

✅ >99.9% uptime, never slashed

✅ Trusted by >18k delegators

✅ Soft-slashing insurance

✅ 1-on-1 customer support$^*$

✅ Always reachable on social channels

✅ Unsolicited defi-related advice on Reddit

No bullshit.

$^*$No, really. There’s just me.

🧑‍🚀 Hello


… Jerry here! I work on servers professionally, and have been dabbling with peer-to-peer and blockchain technology as a hobby.

Despite being a one-man team, I am extremely proud and honored to have grown the Pool into one of the largest indie validator brands in the Cosmos with more than $30M AUM! 🤯

With that in mind, I hope to continue to offer no-bullshit staking services and advocating for decentralization on any chains I validate on for the many years to come.

Cheers. 🥂

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